Jenny Chisholm ---- exhibitions.

2014 Solo Exhibtion, The Cove, Swansea.
2013 Oriel Ceri Richards Gallery, Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea
2013 Showcase Cities, Richmix, Bethnal Green, London.
2012 Kyffin Williams Drawing prize open exhibition, Anglesey
2012 Solo exhibition at artthoughtspaces, London.
2011 The National Art Competition, Chichester.
2011 54th Venice Biennale, Venice Vending Machine Project.
2008 Scart Art Exhibition, Memorial Hall, Pickering, North Yorkshire.
2008 Open Exhibition, Leeds City Art Gallery.
2008 Open Exhibition, Scarborough Art Gallery.
2008 Open Exhibition, Ferens Art Gallery – Hull
2007 East Riding Open Studios, Wits End, Flamborough, East Yorkshire.
2007 East Yorkshire Open - Sewerby Hall Bridlington
2006 Open Exhibition, Ferens Art Gallery - Hull

2007 Hovingham Hall, The University of Hull Art Collection.

2013 Clase Junior School, Swansea.
2012 Sketty Primary school Swansea.
2011 Wool and weaving workshop Sketty Primary School, Swansea.
2010,2011  Christmas Parade Community Artist for the Community Buildings
2010-2011 Lottery Artist, Gendros Community Project, Swansea.
2009 Mosaics, Bishopston Comprehensive School, Swansea.
2008 Mosaics, Flamborough Pre-School. East Yorkshire.
2007 Portrait Residency, Filey Comprehensive School, North Yorkshire.
2006- 2008 Mosaics, Flamborough C of E Primary School, East Yorkshire.